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Brodin Ghost Net
This is our new state of the art net bag. It is injection molded from pvc and is clear in color. As you can see, when the net bag is put into water, it becomes translucent and is less likely to spook fish.

This net bag is proprietary to us and we have worked hard to develop one that is light in weight. You will find this net a pleasure to use on the stream. Flies, even when fished in tandem will not get stuck in the net. They will also stand out against the clear color so that you can extract them quickly and get back to fishing.

We have chosen teak for the handle (there are no options) because of its relatively light weight and durability in water. Choose from four models:

  • Cutthroat: 10" by 15" opening - 22" overall length
  • Gallatin: 8" by 16.5" opening - 24" overall length
  • Cutthroat Float Tube: 10" by 15" opening - 28" overall length
  • Firehole: 7"X15" opening - 23" overall.

    Our Price: $100.00-$158.00
  • Application: Landing Nets Manufacturer: Brodin
    Material: Clear molded pvc net - Teak handle, four ply bow

    Brodin Ghost Net
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    Brodin Ghost Net

    Cutthroat Float Tube

    Brodin Ghost Net


    Brodin Ghost Net


    Brodin Ghost Net


    Brodin Ghost Net
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