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Sage Method ELITE Rods    $1,325.00   Our Price: $849.88 Add to Basket
Sage Method ELITE Rods
Manufacturer: Sage

Sage 1090-4 Xi2 Fly Rod - Used    $695.00   Our Price: $349.88 Add to Basket
Sage 1090-4 Xi2 Fly Rod - Used
The Xi2 series rods are the easiest casting, highest performance saltwater fly rods in the world. This rod is in very good condition with original tube and sock.
Manufacturer: Sage

TFO 10-12 wt TiCr2 Used Fly Rod    $249.00   Our Price: $179.88 Add to Basket
Temple Fork Outfitters TiCr Series
Great rod for saltwater fly fishing. This TICR2 is brand new and suitable for 10 to 12 wt. Used once!
Manufacturer: Temple Fork Outfitters

Sage Response Series Rods    $395.00   Our Price: $296.25 Add to Basket
Sage Response Series Rods
The Sage Response series was our go to mid priced fly rod. Customers loved how smooth it cast...
Manufacturer: Sage

Redington Crosswater Outfit    $119.95-$139.95   Our Price: $103.88-$120.88 Add to Basket
Redington Crosswater Outfit
Hot Price! The Crosswater combo is an easy to cast, moderate-fast action combo ideal for the fly angler who is just getting started.
Manufacturer: Redington

Custom Cane by R. Hunt - 7' 5" 4 wt 2 pc    $1,100.00 Add to Basket
Custom Cane by R. Hunt - 7' 5" 4 wt 2 pc
An absolutely beautiful cane fly rod. It is like new. Sorry no sock or case. Short and sweet.
Manufacturer: R. Hunt Custom

G. Loomis GLX 10 ft 4 pc 7 wt Used Rod    $700.00   Our Price: $375.00 Add to Basket
G. Loomis GLX 10 ft 4 pc 7 wt Used Rod
One of the great Steelhead rods of all times. This rod is in excellent condition....nearly new. It has the original tube and sock.
Manufacturer: G Loomis

ECHO TR Series Fly Rods    $349.99   Our Price: $262.49 Add to Basket
ECHO TR Series Fly Rods
What do you do when you have a slight hitch in your giddy-up? If you are a two-hand fly ...
Manufacturer: Echo

Echo CL Series Fly Rods    $239.99-$269.99   Our Price: $179.99-$202.49 Add to Basket
Echo CL Series Fly Rods
Whether looking for your first two-hand rod or a great back-up, the ECHO Classic "Long" rods are the smoothest, ...
Manufacturer: Echo

Echo Echo3 Series Rods    $349.99-$549.99   Our Price: $262.49-$412.49 Add to Basket
Echo Echo3 Series Rods
ECHO3 rods are the most advanced, high performance rods that have graced the steps of Rajeff Sports.
Manufacturer: Echo

Echo Glass Series Fly Rods    $199.99   Our Price: $149.99 Add to Basket
Echo Glass Series Fly Rods
Manufacturer: Echo

G. Loomis GLX 9' 8wt - 4 pc USED    $720.00   Our Price: $475.00 Add to Basket
G. Loomis GLX 9'  8wt - 4 pc USED
Said to be one of the best rods ever made. This 8 wt is in very good condition with original case and sock.
Manufacturer: G. Loomis

Redington Crosswater Series Fly Rods    $69.95-$89.95   Our Price: $59.88-$75.88 Add to Basket
Redington Crosswater Series Fly Rods On Sale
Great for beginners or anyone who appreciates rugged dependability in a two-figure price.
Manufacturer: Redington

Sage 890 SP (Used)    $615.00   Our Price: $335.00 Add to Basket
Sage 890 SP  (Used)
Manufacturer: Sage

Scott STS 908/3 Used Fly Rod    $635.00   Our Price: $345.88 Add to Basket
Scott STS 908/3 Used Fly Rod
This fast action rod 8 weight is built for fast action, saltwater-salmon-striper action. We love 'em.
Manufacturer: Scott

St Croix Avid 865-4 pc - Used Rod    $290.00   Our Price: $129.88 Add to Basket
St Croix Avid 865 - Used
This impressive line of trout rods featuring IPC® technology with slim-profile ferrules and a beautiful canteen-green pearl finish is always ready for action.
Manufacturer: St Croix

Winston Passport Fly Rod - USED    $239.00-$395.00   Our Price: $167.30-$245.95 Add to Basket
Winston Passport Fly Rod
THE PASSPORT is a fast action graphite rod series that offers extraordinary performance for less than $250.00.
Manufacturer: Winston

Winston Joan Wulff Special 8 1/2 ft 3pc 5 wt Winston Joan Wulff Special 8 1/2 ft 3pc 5 wt    $625.00   Our Price: $395.00 Add to Basket
You won't see these every day. Rod is in excellent condition with original sock and tube.

An exceptional fly rod.

Manufacturer: Winston

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