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Department: Fly Rods
Family: sage

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Sage One ELITE Fly Rod    $1,295.00 Add to Basket
Sage One ELITE Fly Rod
Trying to improve upon the award-winning ONE rod was a tall order, but you know we just had to try.
Manufacturer: Sage

Sage One Series Fly Rods    $750.00-$1,275.00 Add to Basket
Sage One Series Fly Rods
The ONE rod is Sage's flagship offering that may redefine the “all-around” rod category, where precision casting accuracy is needed over a wide range of conditions. Includes switch & 2HD ONES
Manufacturer: Sage

Sage TCX Series Fly Rods    $780.00-$925.00 Add to Basket
Sage TCX Series Fly Rods
The Holy Smokes Cast. The Are You Kidding Me Cast. Regular, switch & 2-hand - This is what you get with the all-new, ultra-high-performance TCX fly rods.
Manufacturer: Sage

SAGE CIRCA Collection    $745.00-$775.00 Add to Basket
SAGE CIRCA Collection
In pursuit of fast, SAGE reinvented slow.
Manufacturer: Sage

Sage Xi3 Fly Rod Series    $720.00-$800.00 Add to Basket
Sage Xi3 Fly Rod Series
On the flats, blue water or anywhere in between, your first shot is always the best shot. But, as experienced saltwater anglers know, sometimes ...
Manufacturer: Sage

Sage ESN Series Rods    $699.00 Add to Basket
Sage ESN Series Rods
The new ESN Series with Konnetic technology makes for an extremely light rod, ideal for the repetitive casts the nymphing precision method requires.
Manufacturer: Sage

Sage TXL-F Series Fly Rods    $625.00 Add to Basket
Sage TXL-F Series Fly Rods
Sage's ultra lightweight rod for the ultimate sensitivity. The ideal rod for fishing tiny flies with ultra light tippets. A small stream dream!
Manufacturer: Sage

Sage Bass II Series Fly Rods    $550.00 Add to Basket
Sage Bass II Series Fly Rods
Toss big flies to fish with big appetites.
Manufacturer: Sage

Sage VXP Series Fly Rods    $485.00-$595.00 Add to Basket
Sage VXP Series Fly Rods
American made fly rod has ultra high line speed and slender shaft design that is light and exceptionally smooth and responsive. Includes 2HD rods.
Manufacturer: Sage

Sage Response Series Rods    $395.00 Add to Basket
Sage Response Series Rods
At Sage, our never-ending mantra to improve performance is on full display in our all-new Response series rods.
Manufacturer: Sage

SAGE Approach Series Rods    $295.00 Add to Basket
SAGE Approach Series Rods

Excellent line feel and control in a medium fast action

Manufacturer: Sage

Sage GRACE Rod    $495.00 Add to Basket
Sage GRACE Rod
IMPROVING QUALITY OF LIFE FOR WOMEN WITH BREAST CANCER - $50 Sage donation to Casting for Recovery
Manufacturer: Sage

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