Umpqua Wing N' Flash - Closeout
Wing N' Flash is a very fine Mylar type material that is packaged in hanks. With 6-8 inch strands it can be used for billfish flies or cut it up for dubbing your small trout flies. It will add a little glitter to your old standbys. Tied in baitfish patterns like deceivers and clousers Wing N' Flash seems to come alive in the water. But donít over look using this material in salmon and steelhead flies as well as bass and panfish flies. Wing N' Flash blends well with most other materials for dubbing and it doesnít absorb water, so large flies don't get heavier.

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Category: Flashy Materials Manufacturer: Umpqua
Use: Tails, Bodies, Wings

Umpqua Wing N' Flash
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