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MagEyes Hat Eyes - Magnifier
Truly the Highest Quality on-stream eyewear ever developed for flyfishermen. These flip-type-focals attach to the hat brim by a stainless steel clip that holds so positive that you can be sure that they will never fall off. No pins or studs are necessary. Lenses can be adjusted to line up with almost any eye position. An extension is included that will allow the lens to extend out.

The quality of the lens easily distinguishes it from others. The costly precision-controlled manufacturing process produces clear optic-grade acrylic dual-lenses, free of distortion or irregularities.


  • Clips to the brim of any hat!
  • Perfect for the tackle box, sewing kit or first aid kit.
  • Moves with line of focus
  • Distortion-free viewing
  • Wide field of vision
  • Adjustable lens angle
  • Brings work closer into focus than regular magnifying glasses
  • Adjustable lens frame swings up and down, or can be locked in place
  • Modern, open design assures unimpaired vision
  • Snap-out interchangeable lenses.

    Our Price: $32.99
  • Lens Material: Magnifiers Manufacturer: MagEyes
    Model: Hat Eyes

    MagEyes Hat Eyes - Magnifier

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