Dyna-King Barracuda Junior
The Barracuda Junior is 2/3 size of the standard Barracuda, yet has the same hook-holding power. The pedestal base has a 6" shaft and the base weighs 4 pounds. The clamp shaft is 8" in height and weighs about 3 pounds. The vise is offered in either pedestal or clamp base and is complete with a light-weight bobbin hanger and a rotary tying video.
  • Full Rotary
  • Smooth Rotation
  • Tool Steel Jaws
  • Hardened cam
  • Rotational lock
  • Rotational Drag Adjustment
  • Forcing Cone Adjusts Tension

    Our Price: $349.00
  • Category: Vises Family: Vise
    Manufacturer: Dyna-King Material: Aluminum

    Dyna-King Barracuda Junior
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