Dyna-King Tube Fly Vise
The Tube Fly Vise 2000 is similar to the original Tube Fly Vise, but has been modified to fit a tyer's budget. The Tube Fly Vise 2000 is fully machined and fitted with precision ball bearings for smooth rotation. It features a brass collett that hold mandrels for the tubes. A friction screw controls rotational drag. Another knurled thumbscrew positively locks rotation. Includes samples of assorted HMH tubes.
  • Rotational Body Adapter
  • Rotary Lock Screw
  • Rotational Lock
  • Set Collar
  • Lock Screw

    Our Price: $299.00
  • Category: Vises Family: Vise
    Manufacturer: Dyna-King Type: Vises

    Dyna-King Tube Fly Vise
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