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Christmans Island Gear & Equipment List

Passport (photocopies of first 2 pages in case it’s lost)
A passport that is valid for six months after the last day of your trip is required for all visitors to Christmas Island. Citizens and nationals of the United States and nationals of Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand must have a KIRIBATI VISA to enter Christmas Island. Citizens of Canada and the United Kingdom (excluding N. Ireland) need not obtain this visa.
Letters and phone contact list
Reading materials
Notebook, pens, writing paper
Business cards
Credit cards
Shaving kit
All medicines, motion sickness pills
First aid kit
Antibiotic ointment, insect replant, SPF 30 + sunscreen, Chapstick
2 pairs of reading glasses
Pocket knife, pocket tool
Small flashlight, extra batteries
Zip-loc bags

Lightweight shirts, flats pants, shorts shoes, and socks (cotton and Supplex)
Rain jacket
2 fishing hats, Simm's sun hats cap
Flats boots; Simms Flats Boots

8 - 12 wt. Sage, Winston, Scott or Ross saltwater rods
Abel, Bauer, Tibor, Sage, Lamson reels
Rio floating and intermediate sink saltwater fly lines
Rio and Umpqua leaders and tippet
Line cleaner, reel lube, WD-40
Neoprene reel covers
Flies and lures
Chest packs or fanny packs
Rafting style waterproof “boat” bags
2 pair polarized sunglasses, optical cleaner
Clippers, hook sharpeners, Superglue
Needle nose pliers, forceps
Golf glove (casting hand), Kevlar glove (tailing trevally)
Waterproof adhesive tape (stripping finger)
Knot book, nail knot tier
Small towel, tape measure, scales
Flytying kit

Camera, lenses, film, batteries
Wash cloth, soap, shampoo
Plastic garbage bags
Travel clock
Duct tape
Aloe sunburn treatment
Snack items
Water bottle
Beach towel
Mask, snorkel, fins
Small sewing kit, safety pins, lighter

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