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Mongolia Gear and Equipment List
Rods: 3-5 wt. for Lenok (floating line only) 8-10 wt. for Taimen

Reels: Disc drag fly reels with a minimum line capacity of 150 yds sized to match rod size.

Fly lines: Floating lines for 3-5 wt. rods. Floating, shooting head, and sink tip lines for 8-10 wt. (we recommend T—200 and T-300 for shooting head lines)

Additional accessories: Line trimmer, hook file, needle nose pliers, dry fly floatant, split shot, strike indicators, polarized glasses, tippet material 0x-4x, tapered leaders 7.5’ –10 ‘ 0x-4x, dry bag

Wading apparel : Felt soled wading boots, chest waders, fishing jacket, rain gear, etc.

Clothing/Personal gear: Hiking boots, polypropylene underwear, long sleeved shirts, fleece or down vest, fishing and camp trousers, poly or wool gloves, wide brimmed hat, face cloth, towel, day pack or gear bag, camera and film, etc.

Flies: For Lenok: Basic summer/fall trout fishing selection: Dave’s Hoppers 6,8,10
Cricket Patterns 6,8,10
Caddis 12,14
Basic Attractor nymphs 12,14
For Taimen Leftie’s Deceiver 2/0-4/0
Large Buggers 2/0-4/0
Lead eye bunny patterns 2/0-4/0
Mice pattern 1/0-2/0

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