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Belize River Lodge Gear and Equipment List
Bonefish 7 or 8 Wt.
Permit, Snook 9 or 10 Wt.
Tarpon 10 to 12 Wt.

Reels: Anodized with excellent drag systems and capable of holding 150 yds. of 20 # backing for Bonefish and 250 yds, of 30 # backing for Permit and Tarpon. We recommend Abel, Ross, Tibor, Sage or Bauer reels. Large arbor or anti-reverse reels are a plus.

Bonefish – Rio Bonefish floating and intermediate lines.
Permit/Snook – Rio Bonefish floating and intermediate lines or Windmaster floating line.
Tarpon – Rio Tarpon floating and intermediate lines or Windmaster floating line.

Bonefish – 9 ft. 10 lb.
Permit – 4’ 40 lb. Butt + 9’ 14 lb.
Tarpon - 4 ‘ 40 lb. Butt + 16 lb. Tarpon Leader and 80 –100 lb. shock tippet
Snook – 4’ 40 lb. Butt + 9’ 16 lb. plus 60 – 80 lb. shock tippet
Barracuda – 4’ 40 lb. Butt plus 16 lb. wire leader

Bonefish – Crazy Charlies, Snapping Shrimp, Epoxy Moe’s, Gotchas (all in Tan, Pink, White, Brown, Pink/White Red/White) Sizes 4,6
Permit – McCrab, Merkin Crab, and Epoxy Moe’s Tarpon – Whistlers in Red/White, Cockroaches, Stu Apte’s in Orange/Black, Blue/White – Sizes 1/0 – 3/0
Snook/ Jacks – Deceivers in Red/White, Red/Yellow, Blue/White – Sizes 1/0
Barracuda – Cuda flies in Fl. Green, Pink & Red

There is a complete tying bench at the lodge – Bring some extra hooks.

Other Gear: Polarized sun glasses, wading boots, fanny pack or chest pack if you wish to wade. A good pair of pliers, cutters, forceps, line dressing, a good hook sharpener, camera, film, batteries, small flashlight, day pack or boat bag, insect repellent, sunscreen, lip balm, leader stretcher, wide brimmed hat, long sleeved shirts that offer sun protection (Patagonia Baggies or Ex-Officio are best) Pants that offer sun protection and dry fast, personal toiletries, and medications. Since we will be spending a lot of time in a boat, some people may choose to bring motion sickness pills. As always, a Passport is required.

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