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By AmericanFly Staff

Thanks for checking our Fishing Reports page. We update this as often as possible - garnered from input from our own fishing, our guides, and our customers. We hope it helps!

There is still great fly fishing in Northern California - in spite of what you hear on the news. Most rivers are in great shape right now. Go while you can!

Fishing Reports – 08-20-2014

Lower American River
Flows are 1500 cfs. AFFC guide: Toby - The top water action in the lower stretch is really, really good for Large Mouth and a few Small Mouth Bass. Good reports of Striper action throughout the river too. Affc guide Tom P: A few stripers still being caught as well as some steelhead. Stay away on the weekends as the river is inundated with rafters.

Recommended Flies: Stripers: Clouser Minnows: Grey/White, Chartreuse/White. Flash Tail Clouser Chartreuse/White. Gurgaler. The Stealth Bomber. Steelhead: Two bit hooker. 16-18, Red Micro May 16. Brown &yellow Guide choice hares ear. 12-14. Birds nest - Tan & green 14-16.

California Delta Report
Guide Toby Uppinghouse: The Delta is producing many fish right now. Lots of smaller fish. There are a few big ones in the mix and it's only going to get better this fall. Right now we have been fishing some top water for largemouth and some top water for the stripers. Mostly fishing subsurface for the Stripers. Don't miss out on the Delta Striper fishing, book early.

Recommended Flies: Streamers: Clouser Dp Minnow Chrt/Wht, Red/Wht,Chrt/Yel in 2/0, Flash Clouser Jig Brn/Yel, Chrt/Wht in 2/0. Topwater: Gurgler, B&M Bomber, Bubbleicious Frog in 2.

Lower Feather River
Flows are 1700 cfs at Gridley.Guide Tom Peirano: Feather has been fishing just fair right now-look for action to pick up in August. There are some big and wild fish in the system. We've been floating the low flow from Montgomery St. down to Thermalito Afterbay. The lower stretch should be holding decent numbers of stripers now.

Guide Joe Vasquez: High flow has good numbers of fresh Salmon and Steelhead. You may hook more Salmon that Steel. For Steel do the following: hooking some salmon but hooking more steelhead with egg’s, Fox’s Poopha (tan), PT flashback and Micro Mays (14-18 brown) - fishing under an indicator is the most effective way to fish for Steel.
Low flow: Seeing lots of steelhead - the bit will turn on any day, so get your gear ready & look for good reason to sneak out of the house and hook on to a chrome bright, hot steelie! See you on the water! Joe V

Recommended Flies: Nymphs: Prince Nymph 12-16, Copper Johns 12-16, Bird's Nest Brown 12-16, Two Bit Hookers Tan or Red 14-18, San Juan Worms Brown, Caddis Poopah 14-18, Sucker Spawn Oregon Cheese. Dries: EC Caddis, E-Z Caddis and Elk Hair in olive & brn 14-16. Stripers: Clouser Minnows in Chart/Wht, Grey/Wht in 2/0.

Lower Yuba River
Flows are 810 cfsGuide Phil White: Yuba river has had it's moments of greatness but also has shown the slow card at times. Morning to mid afternoon with a dash of evening have been the most productive. We are seeing fish nymphing and throwing dries with nymphing being the most productive. I'm runnung 5'-6' between indicator and SSG shots. We have been hitting fish on Rubberlegs Brn/Blk, Little Yellow Sloans, PT's, Two Bit Hookers Tan, Copper John copper/red, Poxyback PMD's, Guides Choice Hares Ear tan, Birds Nest & Caddis Poopahs. It's also that time of year to start chucking hoppers along the banks. Dries have been producing fish on Dave's Hopper, Fat Albert (Juicy Bug), E/C Caddis, Elk Hair Caddis, Cahill Light, Comparadun PMD & Yellow Sallies.
Guide Tom Peirano:Trout fishing has been decent. Nymphs in the morning and hoppers in the afternoons. It's starting to get very crowded.

Recommended Flies:Nymphs: Phil's Hefty PT Brown, Micro May Brown,Tungsten Psycho May Brown, Burks Hunchback Two-Tone, Two Bit Hooker Tan/Red, Tobinator Nymph, BH Caddis Poopah, Spring Time Caddis, Birds Nest Tan/Brown, Rubber Legs, Amber Wing Prince Nymph Dries:Missing Link Caddis 16-18, Spent PMD 16-20, Sprout PMD 16-20

Lower Sacramento River
Flows are around 9400 cfs. Guide Joe Vasquez: Lower Sac Flows are at 7,700 Most of the big fish are at the top (posse to bonnie view), just remember that the bit can be very picky with subtle strikes in this area. From Bonnieview down the numbers will start to go up. Most fishing will be under an indicator. Dries the last hours of day with caddis pattern and PMD’s.

Guide Phil White: The Lower Sac has stabilized at 10,000 cfs....finally! There were a few tough days there but anytime you fluctuate water it's going to put the fish down, these things happen. The river has been giving us lots of opportunities but we have been leaving just as many fish out there also. We have been on average getting 10-25 hookups daily. This is big water and I am currently running 6'-7.5' between indicator and SSG Shots. The key here is working the bottom water column of the river. At times we are doubling or even tripling SSG shots to get down and stay there (big indos). Fish are chewing on Pats Rubberlegs brn 2-4, Birds Nest, Copper Johns copper/red, Poxyback PMD, Psycho May brn, Guides Choice Hares Ear, Birds Nest, Amber Wing Prince, Caddis Poopah tan/blk, Micro Mays & Little Yellow Sloan. Dries are going to be along the lines of nymphing.... Chucking Elk Hair Caddis, E/C Caddis, Missing Link Caddis, Silveys Emerging Caddis, Comparadun PMD, Cahill Light, Yellow Sallie...... These should be more then enough dry chucking to get you through the day. If fishing slows up during the day you can always swing a soft hackle, caddis are very effective being swung here. No need to cast to far either, fish are along the banks in the soft water of an inside seam.

Recommended Flies:Nymphs:Rubber Legs 4-8, Micro May Brown/Black, Spring Time Caddis Black, Amber Wing Prince Nymph, Pheasant Tail 14-20, Two Bit Hooker Tan, Psycho May Brown/Black, Birds Nest Brown/Black, Tobinator Nymph Brown/Black, Dark Lord 14-18, A.P. Nymph 16-18, Hogans S&M, Brown 16-18, Sucker Spawn Oregon Cheese. Dries: Missing Link Caddis 16-18, Comparadun PMD 16-18, Spent PMD 16-18

Middle Fork American River
Guide Derek Hendrickson: The Middle Fork continues to fish well. Large hopper patterns have been working as well as dark colored streamers especially when the flows come up. The month of September floatable water will be released Thursday through Sundays(the last day being September 28th).

Recommended Flies: Nymphs: Mercers Micro May Yellow and Black 16-18's....Two Bit Hooker 16's....Pats Rubber Legs 10....Lighting Bugs 16-18's....Mighty May 16-18's...Mercer's Pyshco Prince 16's Dries: PMD's -18-20's....BWO's 18-20's.....Parachute Adams 18-20'sStreamers: Slumpbusters, Olive Hale Bop Leech, Scuplzilla, Haddons Crawdad.

Truckee River
Guide Phil WHite: We concentrate our efforts in the "middle section", from the town of Truckee to Floriston. This section of the river is fairly flat and has an abundance of pocket water, deep pools, long runs and tail-outs. We'll walk 'n' wade this water. Weather has been good to us on the Truckee. The Truckee is home to a growing population of Browns and Rainbows with a few Cutthroats and Brookies thrown into the mix. You'll come across a number of fish in the 15" to 20" range. That being said, fish pushing 30 inches are not unheard of but landing these terrific trout is a challenge unlike any other. If you're looking for a big boy - fish streamers. This year may be the best season that we have seen in many years. Flows are very, very good at 180 cfs!

The Truckee is home to a growing population of Browns and Rainbows with a few Cutthroats and Brookies thrown into the mix. You'll come across a number of fish in the 15" to 20" range. That being said, fish pushing 30 inches are not unheard of but landing these terrific trout is a challenge unlike any other. If you're looking for a big boy - fish streamers. Flows are very, very good at 221 cfs!

Please be smart during the heat of the day. Try not to stress the fish. Land them fast or take an afternoon nap.

Recommended Flies: Nymphs: Two Bit Hookers 14-16, Rubber Legs Brn/Olive 6-10, San Juan Worm brn, Crayfish in org & brn, Mighty May March Brown 14-18, Golden Stone patterns in 8-12, Guides Choice Hares Ear Tan 16-20, Copper Johns 14-18. Dries: Chernobyl Juicy bug 8-12, BWO 14-18, Para Adams 14-16, Royal Wulf 14-16. Streamers: Wool-head Sculpins in blk 7 olive 4-6, Sculpinzilla 4-6, Super Bugger in Brn, Blk, Olive 4-8.

Additional Reports/Rivers
Guide Phil White:
Pleasant Valley is a great place to get away for the day and not have to fish with the crowds. Some very large fish reside in this stream and throwing dries can be very productive during morning and evening. Keep your feather chucking simple here, patterns such as Elk Hair Caddis, Adams, Royal Wulff and Humphy's should all be present in your stream box. During the mid day heat, making your way to the dam can pay off by tight line nymphing or high sticking a single barbless fly and a shot through the deep pools and down into the runs just below. Keep it simple and just throw a PT, Birds Nest or Prince Nymph. Remember Pleasant Valley is a fly fishing preserve that is very well maintained, it also holds a healthy population of rainbows with the chance at shots to brownies and brookies. It's pay to play. Fees here run $100 a day, per angler, per rod.

Guide Phil White:
East Carson has been fishing very well. I have been focusing on only throwing dries here. A down stream to up stream presentation is very effective for ruining a few fish's day. I have been keeping it very basic here and only using a handful of flies. Elk Hair Caddis, Royal Wulff, Yellow Humphy, Stimulators, Adams and Dave's Hopper. Something new? Swing a soft hackle, it's often an over looked technique that is very effective and I see very few doing. Caddis and Mayfly Emergers are "Totally Awesome!" ....They catch fish too... Tools of the trade are one 5X 7.5' Leader, 5X-6X Tippet at 24" add to leader, Soft Hackle Fly & BB Shot just above tippet knot. Cast 90° across stream, mend and get chewed. Pretty simple and no excuses, go swing yourself up some water dwellers.

AFFC guide Tom Peirano
Dry action in Alpine County is fantastic right now. Fish are rising to caddis and hoppers. The streams are starting to get rather low so there's no better time than the present to get up there.

We will be adding additional rivers/streams/lakes in the near future

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