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Green River Gear and Equipment List
Fishing License--Purchase On-Line
Breathable Waders
Under Waderwear
Wading Boots
Wading staff - optional
Wading belt
4-7 wt. fly rods
Disc drag fly reel with minimum line capacity of 150 yards of backing
Weight Forward floating fly lines
Breathable and waterproof jacket (Simms)
Strike indicators
Silicone fly floatant
3x-5x 7.5-10 tapered leader
3x-7x tippet to match brand of leader
Split shot
Vest or chest pack
Line Trimmer and forceps
Landing net
Polarized and UV protective sun glasses
Sunscreen and Insect Repellant
Wide brimmed hat
Flashlight and extra batteries
Good camera
Fly selection: They will provide.

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