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By AmericanFly Staff

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Checkout this write up we dug out of the archives. To this day it is still our best selling, most requested fly line.

AgentX is a manufacturing process in which two coatings are applied to the fly line at the same time. As a result of these coatings being produced simultaneously, they fuse together in what RIO calls “Fusion Technology,” forming a seamless single coating that will never separate or break down.

The advantages of Fusion Technology are vast. The “under coating” not only seals the core and covers any blemishes in the braid; it also adds a super low density proprietary coating. This under coating fuses to the outer coating, resulting in the smoothest, slickest, highest floating fly lines ever made. The combination of these processes ensures that the outer coating is perfectly centered around the core and allows for greater durability, less dirt pick up and longer casts.

To accomplish this, RIO developed a radically new chemical that gives a floating fly line a specific gravity as low as 0.65 – something unattainable with normal microspheres. This new chemical is five times lighter than the standard microspheres used in fly line manufacturing, but with much increased durability. By making the under coating with this new super floating material and the outer coating with lesser amounts of abrasive microspheres, the result is a fly line that has both a much higher buoyancy (around 0.70 specific gravity) than competitors’ fly lines (normally 0.85 to 0.90 specific gravity) and the extreme durability for which RIO fly lines are known.

Using the super floatation chemical in the front four feet of a fly line, coupled with RIO’s unique welded loop (that stops water wicking up the core), RIO can now produce fly lines where the tip will never sink – an end to that age-old problem. Super Floatation Technology™ has been incorporated in many of RIO’s premier trout lines, thus enhancing better strike detection when nymphing, easier pick up of the fly line when making a cast, and avoidance of sub-surface micro drag as the tip pulls the leader tight when one is dry fly fishing.

RIO is currently prosecuting patent protection for its new technology. AgentX is the future of fly line manufacturing. The buoyancy as well as unbelievable smoothness and slickness that result from this fusion of coatings make the use of standard microspheres and “one coat” fly lines prehistoric.

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