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We take trades of fly rods & fly reels!
We have been taking trades since 1992. We have traded/sold hundreds of quality rods & reels over the years - in fact we have done it longer than any fly shop in the country.

Here's how it works:
Stop by our fly shop and bring in the equipment you want to trade. We will give you a price on the spot and issue you a credit. You can spend that credit for anything we have in stock or can order...How's that for simple?

In the event that you live too far away simply call us @800-410-1222 and talk to Al, Mike or Gary. You may also email Al Bunch, our shop manager @ and start the process. We will tell you what we think the rod is worth based on rod/reel model and your assessment of condition. You can purchase any item from our website and we will ship it to you. When we receive the rod/reel in our store we will credit your account for agreed upon amount assuming it is in condition represented.

The other option is to call/email for prices and if you like what is agreed to you will send the rod/reel to us prior to making the purchase. Once we had the rod/reel we will call you and finalize the trade. Once again the phone number is 800-410-1222 or email .

Bottom line is this: we don't make you wait - we don't post to ebay - we don't make it complicated. Just call us and get a price - then you can make a decision.

Please have a look at our closeout section of our website. All trades are posted on the site as they occur. Who knows you may find the perfect rod/reel at the perfect price.

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