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By AmericanFly Staff

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Jerry Siem from Sage
Take extra care when stringing your rod. Thread a loop of fly line through the guides and tip top and pull the line and leader straight through without bending the rod.

Avoid placing or transporting your rod against metal or abrasive objects. Small nicks and scratches damage the graphite and lead to broken rods.

When using weighted or large flies, adjust to an open casting stroke. This allows the fly to pass over the tip or to the side of the rod (a fly hitting the rod can also damage the graphite).

Avoid severe rod angles when fighting and landing fish. Snagged flies should be broken off by pulling on the line with the rod tip pointed directly at the snag.

Periodically wax the ferrules (where the rod pieces separate) lightly with paraffin to ensure a firm fit and proper function.

Take the rod apart when you are done fishing to avoid stuck ferrules.

Completely air dry your rod and place it in a cloth bag and tube before storing. The rod tubes can trap moisture, which can swell reel seats and ruin the rod finish.

To protect the tip, it is best to bag your rod with the tip top and cork handle up.

Occasionally clean your rod with warm water and soap and completely dry.

To shine, apply furniture polish and don't forget to protect the rod when finished.

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