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By Al Bunch

Fly Fishing:
Rod: 8-9 weight rod is your best.
Reel: Large Arbor Reel with a good drag

Assorted Fly Gear:
20 and 30 pound tippet spools
9 foot leaders 20-30lb
Fly Lines - Floating fly line appropriate for fly rod & 300-400 grain sink tips
Flies: Bring roughly 2 dozen total flies. One dozen should be top water flies like floating baitfish patterns Crease, Gurglers, Poppers, etc. One dozen Clousers and other baitfish sub-surface patterns in 1/0 - 3/0.

Pliers, Hook sharpener, Line nipper
Fishing hat, make sure it has good sun protection
Sturdy rod case
Bug repellant
Sunscreen & chapstick
Stripping glove and/or sleeve

Clothing for 60-85 degrees:
Fishing shoes
Shoes for camp
Shirts, long sleeve for fishing, short for the lodge
Tropical Travel Clothes
Rain pants
Waterproof bag for the boat
Camera gear(film, batteries, filters etc.)
Sun gloves

Personal items:
Current Passport
Copy of passport
Reading glasses
Airline tickets
Proof of med-evac insurance

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