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Gear List & Fly List

Recommended Equipment List:
9' 5wt fly rod.
1 piece aluminum reel.
S/A GPX WF5F flyline.
9ft 4X tapered leader (fluorocarbon).
4X & 5X tippet (fluorocarbon).
BB size split shot.
Waders & wading boots.
Wading staff.

Fly List:
#6 Rubberleg Stone (brown)
#16-18 Pheasant Tail
#18-20 Mighty May
#14-16 AP Nymph
#14-16 Fox Poopah (tan) (olive)
#14-16 Birds Nest (tan) (olive)
#14-16 Red Copper John
#16-18 Two Bit Hooker
8mm Egg Patterns

#14-16 EC Caddis
#12-20 Parachute Adams
#16-22 CDC Beatis
#10-12 Skwala
#6-8 Hopper

Equipment is available for rent.

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