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By AmericanFly Staff

Thanks for checking our Fishing Reports page. We update this as often as possible - garnered from input from our own fishing, our guides, and our customers. We hope it helps!

The fall Salmon & Steelhead are arriving! Super reports from the Feather, Yuba and Lower Sacramento. Great weather too! Go while you can!

Fishing Reports – 11-20-2014

Lower American River
Flows are 1000+ cfs. AFFC guide: Phil White American River is closed from power line @ Anchil Hoffman to the hatchery. Remember, all those big steelies have to go up river to get to spawning beds. That means there are holding areas in the lower river for the big ones. You just need to be there when they are passing through. It's egg time!
Flies that are producing on the American River: Eggs, Copper Johns (Copper, Red) 12-16
Two Bit Hookers (Tan, Red) 14-18
Caddis Poopah (Tan, Green), 14-16
Bird's Nest (Tan) 12-16
S&M (Brown) 14-18
Amber Wing Prince Nymph 12-16

California Delta Report
The Delta is producing many fish right now. Lots of smaller fish. There are a few big ones in the mix and it's only going to get better this fall. Right now we have been fishing some top water for largemouth and some top water for the stripers. Mostly fishing subsurface for the Stripers. Don't miss out on the Delta Striper fishing, book early.

Recommended Flies: Streamers: Clouser Dp Minnow Chrt/Wht, Red/Wht,Chrt/Yel in 2/0, Flash Clouser Jig Brn/Yel, Chrt/Wht in 2/0. Topwater: Gurgler, B&M Bomber, Bubbleicious Frog in 2.

Lower Feather River
Flows are 1350 cfs at Gridley.Guide Tom Peirano: Steelheading has been excellent. Lot's of them and pretty good sizes too. Check out the pics on our FaceBook pages…you will be surprised.

Guide Phil White: Take a river, split it in half and what do you get? The Low and High Flow, Feather River.... A fish factory and fabled Salmon River which is best described as the second largest water by volume in the state. Here's a fun fact; Oroville Dam is the tallest Dam in the United States, standing at 770' this Embankment (Earth-Wing) Dam feeds the Low Flow, Feather River. Additional flows are released from Thermalito Afterbay to feed the High Flow, Feather River. Joe and I recently fished both low/high flows in the same day and had tremendous results. The steelhead were both in upper and lower river, dime bright and whacking flies with authority. The squallies must have had there Wheaties because they too were showing themselves as being steelhead houdinis or at least they had a case of mistaken identity..... man we thought we had steel several times. No good reports of Stripers in lower river right now. Let us know if you’re seeing any.

Recommended Flies: Nymphs: Prince Nymph 12-16, Copper Johns 12-16, Bird's Nest Brown 12-16, Two Bit Hookers Tan or Red 14-18, San Juan Worms Brown, Caddis Poopah 14-18, Sucker Spawn Oregon Cheese. Dries: EC Caddis, E-Z Caddis and Elk Hair in olive & brn 14-16. Stripers: None right now

Lower Yuba River
Flows are 788 cfs - Water is off color today with recent rains, if you fish it – fish the edges…close to shore.... Always the same thing that one hears when talking about the Yuba. Easier then is sounds. The Yuba can be a tough river to not only learn but fish.... The fish have seen everything, techniques, flies, anglers, they see you before you see them and yes they're also educated to some degree. Not to worry you have a few options; Either hire a guide or start thinking like a ninja

Yuba is very good right now. The river has been fishing the best mid-morning to early afternoon, slowing a bit through mid-day and again picking back up towards the late afternoon/evening. With the heat of the day we have been finding a majority of the fish nestled tightly into the bush/tree lined banks, tail outs at the end of riffles and deeper/slower holes.
It’s hopper time!
Guide Tom Peirano:Trout fishing has been decent. Nymphs in the morning and hoppers in the afternoons.

Recommended Flies:Nymphs: Phil's Hefty PT Brown, Micro May Brown,Tungsten Psycho May Brown, Burks Hunchback Two-Tone, Two Bit Hooker Tan/Red, Tobinator Nymph, BH Caddis Poopah, Spring Time Caddis, Birds Nest Tan/Brown, Rubber Legs, Amber Wing Prince Nymph Dries:Hoppers, Missing Link Caddis 16-18, Spent PMD 16-20, Sprout PMD 16-20

Lower Sacramento River
Guide Joe Vasquez: Lower Sacramento water flows are super at 5350 cfs! It’s a little off color with recent rains. There is ample food in the Lower Sac to keep fish happy and on the bite. Try to change up your offerings. For example: use a poohpa and slide a pink bead on the line. Beads are on! Can't tell you the numbers for recent guide trips but it is off the chart!
Recommended Flies:Nymphs: Two-Bit Hooker 18 – Red, Micro May 16 – Brown, Yellow & Green, Guide Choice Hares Ear – 12 – Tan, Bird Nest 12-14 - Tan & green, Foxes Poopah 14-16 – tan, Psycho Prince – 14-16 - yellow with orange belly, Pats Rubber Legs – 8-10 – brown.
In the afternoon switch to Caddis on top…when you see fish rising..now that is fun!

Truckee River
Guide Phil WHite: Water is off color right now. We concentrate our efforts in the "middle section", from the town of Truckee to Floriston. This section of the river is fairly flat and has an abundance of pocket water, deep pools, long runs and tail-outs. We'll walk 'n' wade this water. Weather has been good to us on the Truckee. The Truckee is home to a growing population of Browns and Rainbows with a few Cutthroats and Brookies thrown into the mix. You'll come across a number of fish in the 15" to 20" range. That being said, fish pushing 30 inches are not unheard of but landing these terrific trout is a challenge unlike any other. If you're looking for a big boy - fish streamers. This year may be the best season that we have seen in many years.

The Truckee is home to a growing population of Browns and Rainbows with a few Cutthroats and Brookies thrown into the mix. You'll come across a number of fish in the 15" to 20" range. That being said, fish pushing 30 inches are not unheard of but landing these terrific trout is a challenge unlike any other. If you're looking for a big boy - fish streamers

Recommended Flies: Nymphs: Two Bit Hookers 14-16, Rubber Legs Brn/Olive 6-10, San Juan Worm brn, Crayfish in org & brn, Mighty May March Brown 14-18, Golden Stone patterns in 8-12, Guides Choice Hares Ear Tan 16-20, Copper Johns 14-18. Dries: Chernobyl Juicy bug 8-12, BWO 14-18, Para Adams 14-16, Royal Wulf 14-16. Streamers: Wool-head Sculpins in blk 7 olive 4-6, Sculpinzilla 4-6, Super Bugger in Brn, Blk, Olive 4-8.

Additional Reports/Rivers
Trinity River: Joe Vasquez is now guiding on the Trinity. He has many years of experience on the Trinity. Call the shop to set up you fall trip to this special river.

We will be adding additional rivers/streams/lakes in the near future

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