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By Gary Eblen

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Yup, thats the Method in my mouth!
I've been fly fishing for over 50 years and I'm accustomed to medium-fast action fly rods. Super-fast fly rods have never been my favorite rods. The new Method Fly Rods by Sage has really changed my mind.

I spent a week in Belize fishing with the new Method 8 weight. I can honestly say it out-performed any...yes rod I have ever used for saltwater applications.

The outfit was Sage Method 9 ft 8 wt rod, Sage Evoke 8 reel and 9 wt Rio Redfish fly line. Since this is not a review of line or reel I'll keep my comments short...Rio Redfish has super taper, the Evoke fly reel was flawless the entire week (I like the way it looks and love to touch the spool as fish run).

Many times in the past I found fast rods tiring to cast all day. The Method did not fatigue me once the entire week. The light weight and nice tip meant not having to push the rod hard all day. I found it actually relaxing most of the time.

How much power does it have in windy condition - this is critical. It was fun to cast the Method all day. When the wind was blowing I had lots of extra power when I punched it hard. It just pushed the fly line faster...for the first time for me, wind was not an overwhelming issue.

How accurate was the rod? All I can say is wow. I'm a pretty good caster but the Method made me even better. I was able to place the fly pretty accurately under most conditions. The rod really tracks better than any saltwater rod I personally have used.

The final remarks will mean a lot to those of you that have hunted the infamous Snook. Casting under branches in the Mangroves.... I still put a few casts into the woods...I was able to shoot line when I needed to. This rod can punch line like none I have used...and it didn't kill my arm doing it.

There are lots of good rods on the market today. For those of you that have the saltwater sickness - you owe it to yourself to give the Method a serious look. Matched with the right lines, it will make that trip...well, you get the picture.

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