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Free Ground Shipping*
Free Ground Shipping* By AmericanFly Staff
Whether you live in California, Florida, Texas or any other state we don't think you should pay shipping. Now you can shop at home and get what you want without extra expense.

We have been picking and shipping merchandise on the internet for 15 years.(more)

Korkers Devil's Canyon Wading Boot
Korkers Devil's Canyon Wading Boot, wading boots, fly fishing boots, Simms wading boots, fly fishing boots By Gary Eblen
Rough & Tumble Boot! Very comfortable and weighs only 3 lbs! Enjoy the convenience of two soles...changeable in seconds. Comes with sticky rubber & sticky rubber with studs...all you will ever need!

If you try on these boots you will see what real comfort is all about.(more)

Rio Gold® Fly Line - Super Floater
Rio Gold® Fly Line - Super Floater By AmericanFly Staff
Checkout this write up we dug out of the archives. To this day it is still our best selling, most requested fly line.

AgentX is a manufacturing process in which two coatings are applied to the fly line at the same time. As a result of these coatings being produced simultaneously, they fuse together in what RIO calls “Fusion Technology,” forming a seamless single coating that will never separate or break down.(more)

Rod Care Tips from Sage
Rod Care Tips from Sage By AmericanFly Staff
Take extra care when stringing your rod. Thread a loop of fly line through the guides and tip top and pull the line and leader straight through without bending the rod.

Avoid placing or transporting your rod against metal or abrasive objects. Small nicks and scratches damage the graphite and lead to broken rods.(more)

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