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Rio Sink Tip
24 ft

The best sinking tip fly line in the world whether you are streamer fishing for trout or using marabous for sea-run browns, steelhead or salmon. The DC 24 ft sink tip line has been the line of choice for steelhead anglers for many years. The short, thick body section behind the sinking tip keeps the heavy density tip from hinging and is much easier to cast than competitorsí lines. The durable running line ensures that these lines will outlast those of any competitor.

Our Price: $74.95
Color: Varies by sink rate - tip is black Fishing Type: Freshwater
Length: 100 ft Manufacturer: Rio
Type: Sink-Tip

Rio Streamertip 24 ft Sinking Tip
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Line Wt / Sink Rate / Rod Size Qty
150 grain (Blue)/ 4.75 in / 5,6 wt

200 grain (Yellow)/ 5.5 in / 6,7 wt

250 grain (Hot Orange)/ 6.4 in / 7,8 wt

300 grain (White)/ 7.3 in / 8,9 wt

350 grain (Green)/ 8 in / 9,10 wt

400 grain (Teal)/ 8.4 in / 10, 11 wt
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