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Rio Skagit
Flight Head

Skagit Flight Shooting Heads are the very ultimate design in Skagit lines for maximum flight time, effortless casting strokes and the tightest and sweetest of loops. Loosly based on the extraordinarily successful AFS head, the line features a back end that loads rods deeply and easily and a long, subtle front taper that ensures the energy flows smoothly to the tip, generating gorgeous loops and long, long flight times and distance. The front end has a thick tip that packs a big punch and easily lifts out heavy tips and large flies with supreme ease.

Attach a shooting line to the ultra strong welded loop at the back end and one of RIO’s Skagit MOW Tips to the exceptionally neat, bullet proof front loop for the very best in performance.

Click enlarge photo to see taper

Our Price: $49.95

Color: Pale Orange Length: 22 ft to 31 ft
Manufacturer: Rio Model: Skagit Flight Head
Type: Spey/Switch

Rio Skagit Flight Head
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Length - Weight Qty
22 ft - 350 grn

22 ft - 375 grn

23 ft - 400 grn

23.5 ft - 425 grn

24 ft - 450 grn

24.5 ft - 475 grn

25 ft - 500 grn

25.5 ft - 525 grn

25.5 ft - 550 grn

26 ft - 575 grn

26 ft - 600 grn

26.5 ft - 625 grn

28 ft - 675grn

30 ft - 700 grn
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