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UTC Ultra Thread
Ultra Thread is not an "off the shelf" thread as are many others. All of Ultra Thread's characteristics were carefully chosen to enhance its tying performance.

Here are a few of the thread characteristics that make Ultra Thread ideal for fly tying:

(1) We chose nylon because nylon will stretch and grip materials better. This allows for more uniform tension and gives the tyer the "feel" for maximum tension, and makes the fly more durable.

(2) Our thread is flat with only the minimum number of twists needed for production. The flatter the thread is wrapped, the more slowly it builds up.

(3) Ultra Thread has been lightly waxed. This also limits thread build up and gives the thread a smoother, slicker feel. The added benefit is that head cement fully penetrates the thread which equals more durable flies.

(4) Ultra Thread is a multifilament thread that is not bonded. Bonded threads are oval in shape and are stiff or coarse feeling. Bonded threads also build up fast which is a significant concern when tying small flies. Since Ultra Thread is not bonded, it is the best choice for split thread tying techniques.

(5) Our spools are sized and designed to turn smoothly on standard bobbins. Each spool has a color coded end cap for product identification and to secure the tag end of the thread.

Our Price: $1.99

Category: Threads Manufacturer: UTC
Quantity: 100 Yards Size: 70 or 140 Denier

UTC Ultra Thread
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Color Size Qty
Black 70 Denier
140 Denier

Blue Dun 70 Denier
140 Denier

Cream 70 Denier
140 Denier

Dk Brown 70 Denier
140 Denier

Fl Orange 70 Denier
140 Denier

Fl Pink 70 Denier
140 Denier

Fl. Cerise 70 Denier
140 Denier

Fl. Chartreuse 70 Denier
140 Denier

Fl. Fire Orange 70 Denier
140 Denier

Green Olive 70 Denier
140 Denier

Hopper Yellow 70 Denier
140 Denier

Olive 70 Denier
140 Denier

Olive Brown 70 Denier
140 Denier

Peacock Blue 70 Denier
140 Denier

Red 70 Denier
140 Denier

Rusty Brown 70 Denier
140 Denier

Tan 70 Denier
140 Denier

White 70 Denier
140 Denier

Wine 70 Denier
140 Denier

Yellow 70 Denier
140 Denier
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