Spirit River 3-D Molded Stick-On Eyes
These peel and stick eyes have the added dimension of life-like contour and depth. They look so real you expect them to go "squish" when you touch them.

Regular Price: $3.99

Our Price: $2.99
Matches Up With:
  • 2.0 matches 3/16" REAL Eyes
  • 2.5 matches 7/32" REAL Eyes
  • 3.0 matches 3/8" Cross-Eyed Cones
  • 3.5 matches 1/4" REAL Eyes
  • 5.0 matches 3/8" Deep See Eyes
  • 6.0 matches 7/16" Deep See Eyes
  • Quantity: 20 Pack
    Type: Eyes

    Spirit River 3-D Molded Stick-On Eyes
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    Size Color Qty Inventory
    6.0 (3/8") Prismatic Gold 1 in stock
    Prismatic Red 3 in stock