Regal Fly Tying Kit Bag and Accessories

The Kit Bag measures 17W x 11D x 10.5H.

Included with the bag are two accessory items, the vise portfolio and the tool wrap.

Bag features a waterproof bottom for storage in your drift boat or placement on damp surfaces.

All four corners unzip to allow each side panel to fold flat to the tying surface providing easy access to supplies.

The sides are connected with zippered storage pockets to hold dubbing, chenille, hair or bagged feathers.

It has enough thread storage on the top of each end to cover colors and sizes needed while traveling.

The cover has a large zippered pocket to hold hackle capes while the front panel has storage for long feathers such as pheasant tails, goose quills or turkey feathers.

Our Price: $199.95

Category: Luggage Family: Vise
Manufacturer: Regal Engineering

Regal Fly Tying Kit Bag and Accessories
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