Umpqua's UPG Flyboxes
New UPG Flyboxes encompass form and function by offering the most sought after features including:
  • Translucent colors for easy fly id as well as hatch specific box setup.
  • One finger, push-button opening on both lids
  • Dual-slotted Fly-Trap™ foam for an astounding maximum fly capacity.
  • Water resistant seal eliminating water damage
  • Large (7.68”x4.53”x1.5”) 732 Flies, Graphite color
  • Medium (5.9”x4.13”x1.5”) 508 Flies, Lime color
  • Small (4.5”x3.35”x1.5”) 274 Flies, Orange color
  • Midge (6”x4”x1.25”)?? Flies, Orange color

    Our Price: $24.99-$42.99
  • Manufacturer: Umpqua Material: Clear high impact plastic
    Use: Trout

    Umpqua's UPG Flyboxes
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    Size / Color Qty Price
    Midge / Orange

    Umpqua's UPG Flyboxes

    Small / Orange

    Umpqua's UPG Flyboxes

    Medium / Lime

    Umpqua's UPG Flyboxes

    Large / Graphite

    Umpqua's UPG Flyboxes

    Large / Blue Flats

    Umpqua's UPG Flyboxes