RIO Light Saltwater Fluoro Shock Tippet Leaders
Knotless tapered leader tied with a Fluorocarbon shock tippet. Butt is .029 inches with ultra stiff 15 lb test tippet for casting big flies. Hands down the best leader available for spooky fish. We use the 40 lb version for light Tarpon fishing!

Our Price: $9.99
Amount: 1 Leader Type: Saltwater Leader
Length: 10' Manufacturer: Rio
Material: Monofilament with Fluorocarbon Shock Shock Tippet: 15, 25 or 40 lbs
Water Type: Salt

Rio Light Saltwater Fluoro Shock Tippet Leaders
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Lb. Test Qty
15 lb.

25 lb.

40 lb.