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Deadline 3500 Wet/Dry Duffel
The Deadline 3500 is designed to get you anywhere with all of your gear. Your default carry-on, and gear-up/ gear-down partner, itís perfect for everything including waders, boots, gear, etc., and will keep wet and dry gear safely apart and readily at hand.
  • Customizable wet/dry storage
  • Detachable mat
  • Grab-handles on all sides
  • Weather & dirt proof tarpaulin face

    Our Price: $159.99
  • Color: Slate Gray Diminsions: 14 h x 24 h x 8 d
    Garment: Duffel Manufacturer: Umpqua
    Material: Waterproof Tarpaulin Model: Deadline 3500 Wet/Dry Duffel
    Volume: 3500 Cubic In. Weight : 49 Oz

    Deadline 3500 Wet/Dry Duffel
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