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Our Price: $42.95
Illustrations By Mike Stidham

Randall Kaufmann is one of the world’s leading experts on flies and fly tying, and his innovative techniques have helped set the standard for today’s commercial tyers. In Tying Nymphs, he explains how to tie 31 of the world’s best nymphs with speed, ease and efficiency. 900 accurate, easy- to- understand closeup photos clearly show every wrap of thread. No other fly tying photos compare.

Individual chapters focus on specific nymphs but center around "variations on the theme." You are encouraged to expand your horizons and construct flies that work for how and where you fish.

Other chapters include 12-24 step-by-step photos detailing how to tie each of the following flies: San Juan Worm, Serendipity, Swannundaze Midge, Suspender Midge, Chironomid Pupa, Rhyocophila Caddis, Metallic Caddis, Emergent Sparkle Pupa, Caddis Pupa, Mini Leech, Bunny Leech, Bird’s Nest, Red Fox Squirrel, Soft Hackle, Scud, Doug’s Marabou, Doug’s Ultra Damsels, Sparkle Quill Caddis Pupa, Janssen Dragon, Lake Dragon, Flashback Pheasant Tail, Hexagenia, Poxyback PMD, Gold-Ribbed Hare’s Ear, Dutch CDC Bead Head, Matt’s Fur, Kaufmann Bead Head Rubber-Leg Golden Stone, Cased Caddis, Timberline Emerger, Woolly Bugger, and Prince.

These chapters include an educational blend of entomology and practical angling information. All major subaquatic food sources are described, including mayflies, stoneflies, caddisflies, dragonflies, damselflies, midges, scuds, worms, and leeches. Ultimately this information allows readers to create their own imitations.

Woven in are angling adventures and photography of beautiful trout waters, including the Cascades, High Sierra, Wyoming Rockies, Argentina, and New Zealand. Several original Mike Stidham oils are stunningly reproduced.
With this book anyone can become an expert tyer.
Art: Color photos Author: Randall Kaufmann
Content: Tying Instruction Family: books
Pages: 160 Subject: Trout Flies
Type: Fly Tying


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