Flyfishing: First Cast to First Fish!
Flyfishing: first cast to first fish's nine, fully illustrated, chapters will teach you everything that you need to know to get started and become an accomplished fly-fisher!

From selection of equipment, to basic and specialized casting technique, proper fly selection and knots, 'reading the water' and locating fish, strike detection, playing, landing your catch on streams, lakes and salt water through fly tying are covered in an easy to read and follow style.

Fly-fishing engages the mind and captures the spirit. It is challenging yet relaxing. stimulating and yet can often be tranquil... it is an intoxicating obsession. No other sport is as pure or as satisfying. It is without a doubt the most gratifying, exciting, captivating form of fishing that can be enjoyed at any age.

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Art: Black and White Photos, Illustrations Author: Joseph F. Petralia
Pages: 246 Subject: Fly Casting, Techniques
Type: Instructional

Flyfishing: First Cast to First Fish!

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