Fishing, Ghosts, and my Mothers Gray Hair
Mark…the fisherman, writer, and blogger…has nailed it with this entertaining read about his fishing experiences while growing up in Wisconsin, Florida and California.

When you read his book you feel like you are sitting on the bank of a lake next to him soaking some bait and waiting for a fish to bite as he tells delightful stories.

For Sacramento natives, there are personal connections as he writes about fishing for Shad on the American River, which runs through the heart of Sacramento.

His hair-raising experiences while fishing for sharks off a pier in Florida are every bit as exciting as watching a thriller on TV. Did he catch the Nurse shark…or did it catch him?

Our Price: $19.99

Author: Mark Kautz Pages: 91
Subject: Fishing and other stuff

Fishing, Ghosts, and my Mothers Gray Hair
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