Stepping into the Stream - DVD by Barb Klutinis
Stepping into the Stream is not just about fly fishing. Intrinsically, it is about women connecting with nature and a deeper part of themselves. Itís about our being willing to take risks to learn something new that will allow us to commune with rivers and wildlife. Itís about finding an adventure all our own, and relishing it.

My father loved fishing. He used to take me fishing on the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) lakes when I was young, and it was the only time I felt really connected with him. He would bait my hook with worms or soft dough, and we would sit for hours by the lake with our bobbers bouncing up and down on the mesmerizing water. I donít remember if I ever caught a fish, but I do remember loving to be beside him on the lake. Good time for thinking. Sometimes I think of him when I am out there at the end of the day and am reeling in a fish that I caught all by myself. I know he would take some joy in seeing this.

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Author: Barb Kluntinis Length: 43 Minutes
Subject: Documentary Type: DVD

Stepping into the Stream - DVD by Barb Klutinis
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