Jeff Putnam Spey Casting Vol 3 Advanced - DVD
Volume 3 Advanced covers a full range of advanced Spey casting techniques, and is presented in both DVD widescreen, and DVD fullscreen formats. Skagit Spey casting is featured in Volume 3 with over 50% of the DVD content dedicated to modern Spey casting techniques using a Skagit system!

The DVD series introduces basic fundamentals like equipment, gripping the rod, anchor point and "D" loop, along with detailed instruction on the Skagit casting system and Spey casts like the Switch Cast, Single Spey, Double Spey, Snap-T, Snake Roll, Single Spiral, and Double Spiral. These videos also highlight important techniques such as changing directions, shooting line, and casting sink tips. “Putnam's Notes” are additional video clips that demonstrate the most common Spey casting problems and solutions. These are the most specific Spey casting instructional videos produced, and will give you a distinct advantage when learning how to Spey cast.

The DVD-video instruction is menu driven with the option to play the complete instruction set as a single video, or each casting lesson, or Putnam's Notes subject module individually.

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Author: Jeff Putnam Family: Jeff Putnam
Subject: Advanced Spey Casting Type: Instructional
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