Oasis Pedestal Partner
Turns any vice into a pedestal vice while at the same time giving the tyer a base that is multi functional. Very compact and loaded with features.

  • Perfect size for travel
  • 3/8" hole in front left corner of bench to hold standard vice shaft, clamp keeps vice from twisting
  • Rubber feet keeps the bench from sliding around while protecting your table top
  • 3 carved out trays for easy accessability of hooks, beads, or flies
  • 8 large holes in 4 sizes for glue bottles to hair stackers
  • Stores 12 spools of your favorite threads, wires or tinsels
  • Cork strip on right side holds flies while head cement dries
  • Solid wood construction with a multi lacquered finish
  • Removable foam insert for bodkin storage
  • 14 small holes in 4 different sizes for tools
  • Magnetic strip great for razor blades

    Our Price: $195.00

  • Oasis Pedestal Partner
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