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By Jason Akl

Catching steelhead and salmon on dry flies is the ultimate fishing experience. It is thrilling to see a large fish’s wake coming towards your fly like a torpedo and then opening its large mouth and devouring your fly. If you want to give it a try, tie up the Techno-Wog. It is a must-have fly for every Alaskan angler.

The Techno Wog is a waking pattern meaning it should be fished on the swing or with a steady strip type retrieve. The water that you intend on fishing should be relatively flat with constant flowing current and not especially deep. The fish have to be able to see and respond to the waking action produced from your fly. If the water is too deep all your hard work will be for naught. If you plan on fishing the Techno-Wog for fresh run salmon or steelhead then it is a good idea is to use a 9 or 10 weight rod with matched weight forward fly line. These fish are strong so you better have a rod with some backbone and lots of backing on your reel.

Tie this fly in sizes 2-4.
Step 1 Start this fly by placing your hook into the vice and securing it in place tightly. Attach the thread behind the hook eye and wrap down the hook shank until you are at the point above the barb. Clip 5 strands of pearl Flashabou and double them over themselves as you tie this flash on top of the hook shank. Around this Flashabou tie in a thick plume of yellow marabou by its tip and then proceed to palmer it up the hook shank. Tie off the tag end and make sure that none of the marabou fibers got matted down as you wrapped the hackle forward.
Step 2 Cut two pieces of yellow foam 2 inches in length, 3/4’s of an inch wide. Tie one of these strips on to the top of the hook shank and the other on to the bottom. Tie in a strip of yellow yarn and wrap it down and back up the hook shank creating a nice even looking body.
Step 3 Pull the top strip of foam forward over the hook and tie it off behind the hook eye. Pull the second piece of foam forward tying it off behind the hook eye as just like the first. Cut the bottom piece of foam in half and pull each of these individual strips of foam back towards the body. Use your thread to hold these pieces of foam in place tightly. Whip finish and cement the thread thoroughly.

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