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By Jason Akl

The Aggravator nymph is one of those rare flies that catches fish in both rivers and lakes. It has proven its usefulness in catching smallmouth, largemouth, steelhead, rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, brown trout, brook trout, salmon and even panfish. This fly is a must-have in every fly box as it works under all kinds of conditions for almost anything with gills.

To fish it in fast moving water an angler can either dead drift the fly through a fishy looking run or riffle or strip it actively against the current to try and get a reaction strike. In stillwater a sinking fly line will get the fly to the big fish while the waving marabou tail and wiggly silicone legs should put any fish in the vicinity into a feeding frenzy.

Tie this fly in sizes 8-14.
Burk’s Aggravator Nymph
Step 1 Start this fly by sliding the gold bead onto your hook small bore first. Next place the hook into your vice securely and attach the thread behind the bead. Tie in one strand of pearl Krystal flash and wrap it down the hook shank until you reach the beginning of the bend in the hook then wrap it back up to the tie in point. At the point above the barb, tie in a small clump of marabou on top of the hook shank.
Burk’s Aggravator Nymph
Step 2 At the tail tie in point, wrap down another strand of pearl Krystal flash to be used for the rib and then pinch dub the thread with the light hare’s ear dubbing. Build a tapered abdomen that extends approximately to the ˝ mark on the hook shank. Counter wrap the pearl flash up the abdomen of the fly evenly.
Burk’s Aggravator Nymph
Step 3 Continue pinch dubbing the thread and building the thorax, but this time use the regular hare’s ear dubbing. When you reach the back of the bead head, take a break from dubbing and tie in two strips of sili legs onto the top of the hook shank.
Burk’s Aggravator Nymph
Step 4 Fix a small section of quill from a dark turkey flat and clip the end of this wing into a V shape. Tie this wing onto the hook shank on top of the sili legs you tied to the fly in the last step. Pinch dub the thread with the dark hares ear dubbing and build a thick collar for the fly. Whip finish the thread and cement.

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Burk’s Aggravator Nymph
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