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By Dave Sloan

The Pettis Unreal Egg is one of the best egg patterns to come out in years. Its translucent appearance mimics that of a natural egg extremely well and it is an easy fly to tie. I tie mine in a range of colors from oranges to almost white looking shades of pink. The Unreal Egg is fished most productively on a dead drift but on occasion can be swung to produce fish, however stick with the dead drift; you will like the results better. Tie this fly in sizes 8-12.
Pettis Unreal Egg
Step 1 Slide the bead onto the hook.
Pettis Unreal Egg
Step 2 Start your thread behind the eye of the hook and coat the hook shank
Pettis Unreal Egg
Step 3 Take a clump of Egg Yarn and push it over the eye of the hook so that the eye of the hook is directly in the center of the clump of yarn. Make some thread wraps to tie the clump of Egg Yarn in directly behind the eye of the hook. The clump should be thin enough so that when it is pulled back, the glow of the bead will still shine through a bit. It will take a few flies to get the proper amount of yarn right.
Pettis Unreal Egg
Step 4 Wrap over the butts of the Egg Yarn and slide the bead up to them. Then In one wrap move the thread to the other side of the bead and coat the shank of the hook with thread back to directly above the barb of the hook.
Pettis Unreal Egg
Step 5 Using your fingers, sweep the Egg Yarn back over the bead. It will be almost like turning the clump of Egg Yarn inside out. The yarn should be completely encompassing the bead.
Pettis Unreal Egg
Step 6 Once the Yarn is pulled tight back over the bead, move the yarn forward slightly with your left hand and it will balloon out. Make several wraps around it with your thread and you will get nice round egg.
Pettis Unreal Egg
Step 7 Clip the end of the yarn as tight to the thread wraps as possible and whip finish at the back of the fly. When tied properly you should be left with a very round egg and be able to see the glow of the glass bead through the egg yarn.

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Pettis Unreal Egg
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