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By Dave Sloan

I created this caddis pattern so it would, when floating on the water, look more realistic than most caddis patterns we are used to seeing. The crystal flash also gives the bug an "emergent" look that can be deadly when trout are keying on the emerging caddis. Tie this fly in sizes 12-16.
Sloan's Caddis Paralyzer Sloan's Caddis Paralyzer
Step 1 Start the thread and build a thread base to tie the post on. The post will be tied in about the gap of the hook away from the eye of the hook. Cut, comb, and stack enough Calf Body Hair to form a thick post. Now tie the stacked Calf Body Hair in on top of the hook where the thread is stopped. The post, from the tie in point, should be about 1 the gap of the hook long at this point. The final post will stick up about 1 times the gap of the hook. Taper cut the butts of the post to reduce a big drop off where the post was tied in.
Sloan's Caddis Paralyzer
Step 2 Now get a piece of the thread and tie it in right before the bend of the hook, this will be the ribbing. Next grab some dubbing and dub a nicely tapered body. The body will cover approximately 70% of the hook shank, leaving 30% for the head.
Sloan's Caddis Paralyzer Sloan's Caddis Paralyzer Sloan's Caddis Paralyzer
Step 3 Tie in some Hackle of the appropriate size (listed in Recipe) at the end of the abdomen. Palmer the hackle in 4 evenly spaced wraps to the back of the abdomen. If the appropriate hackle size is not easily available, the hackle can be trimmed to the appropriate size after it is palmered and secured. Take the thread (ribbing) and secure the hackle with it by making two initial wraps at the back of the abdomen and then spiral the thread forward to the end of the abdomen, tie it off and cut it. Cut the hackle tip that is at the back of the abdomen tight to the fly.
Sloan's Caddis Paralyzer
Step 4 Now get three strands of Pearl Krystal Flash and tie them in where the abdomen stopped on top of the hook. They should extend just past the end of the abdomen.
Sloan's Caddis Paralyzer
Step 5 Comb and Stack a clump of Natural Elk Body Hair and tie it in at the end of the abdomen also. The tips should extend just beyond the end of the abdomen and the wing itself should encompass the top 180 degrees of the hook. Clip the butts off.
Sloan's Caddis Paralyzer Sloan's Caddis Paralyzer
Step 6 Wrap forward and post the Calf Body Hair. Wrap the thread up high enough on the post to get 3-4 wraps of hackle around it. Tie in a hackle of the appropriate size and secure it to the post, shiny side out. (i.e. Size 12 hook gets size 12 Hackle)
Sloan's Caddis Paralyzer
Step 7 Bring the thread back to where the wing was tied in at and dub a tapered thorax from the base of the wing to the eye of the hook.
Sloan's Caddis Paralyzer
Step 8 Take the Hackle and make 3-4 wraps down the post to form the parachute in a counter clockwise direction for right-handed people and Clockwise for left-handed people. Tie the hackle off right behind the eye of the hook and whip finish.
Sloan's Caddis Paralyzer
Step 9 The post itself should be 1 times the gap of the hook from the upper-most wrap of hackle to the tips. Clip any stray hackle fibers. Step 10 Take a drop of head cement and put it on the post at the upper most wrap of hackle to ensure that it does not slip off.

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Sloan's Caddis Paralyzer
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