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By Dave Sloan

This is a great general attractor pattern that imitates a lot of everything but nothing in particular. It has a similar look to the Prince Nymph but is definitely a different bug. Instead of peacock a very dark brown, almost black dubbing was chosen, the white wings of the Prince were replaced with ginger wings, and the stiff hackled legs of the Prince were replaced with a softer black hen saddle. I have had many days where the fish were all over Dark Lords, but nothing else, including the Prince Nymph. It is fished best on the dead drift and my favorite sizes are 10-18.
Dark Lord
Step 1 Slide the bead on the hook and start your thread. Move the thread back to the bend of the hook and grab just a wisp of dubbing. Use this to dub a very small dubbing ball at the bend of the hook.
Dark Lord
Step 2 Take two dark brown goose biots and tie them in on each side of the hook. The biots will have a natural curve to them and this curve should be going towards the hook. The tails should be no longer than 1 times the gap of the hook.
Dark Lord
Step 3 Tie in some gold wire at the base of the dubbing ball for your ribbing.
Dark Lord
Step 4 Dub a smoothly tapered body all the way up to the bead. At its largest point it should be the diameter of the Bead itself.
Dark Lord
Step 5 In 4-5 evenly spaced wraps rib the body and tie the ribbing off just before the base of the bead.
Dark Lord
Step 6 Now grab two Ginger biots and tie them in on top of the body. It is easiest to tie them in at the same time. Their tips should extend slightly beyond the end of the body and again they should curve back into the fly. Once tied in, fold the butts of the biots back toward the bend of the hook and make a couple of thread wraps over them. This will help secure them better and make it easier to cut the butts off cleanly.
Dark Lord
Step 7 Using the Hen Saddle tie in a set of legs on each side of the fly. They should extend the entire length of the body.
Dark Lord Dark Lord
Step 8 Dub a small collar to cover up your thread work and whip finish directly behind the bead.

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Dark Lord
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