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By Dave Sloan

This is one of my favorite midge imitations for the Upper Sacramento River from the end of July into October. During this time of year almost every rock in each riffle is enveloped with black fly larvae that the fish gorge themselves on. Small, dark patterns are often the top producers this time of year and this fits that description perfectly. I tie it bead headed and non-bead headed, although the beaded version tends to produce more fish, and I tie it in a variety of sizes. The actual pattern calls for a material called Frostbite but Krystal Flash is a good substitute and more readily available. It is fished best on the dead drift and is a fairly good searching pattern when nothing else seems to be producing.

Tie this pattern in sizes 12-20.
Frostbite Chironomid Pupa
Step 1 Slide the bead to the bend of the hook and start your thread behind the eye of the hook. Tie in a small clump of Sparkle Yarn directly behind the eye of the hook. Once it is secure cut the butts off and whip finish.
Frostbite Chironomid Pupa
Step 2 Slide the bead to the eye of the hook and start your thread behind the bead. Tie in some silver wire for the ribbing and secure it just shy of half way down the bend of the hook. Cut the sparkle yarn no longer than twice the length of the eye of the hook.
Frostbite Chironomid Pupa
Step 3 Move your thread back to the bead and tie in a strand of Frostbite or a few strands of Krystal Flash. Tie them in back to where the wire was tied in at.
Frostbite Chironomid Pupa
Step 4 Wrap the Frostbite or Krystal Flash forward covering the body of the fly and stop just shy of the bead. Tie it off and clip the tag end.
Frostbite Chironomid Pupa
Step 5 Spiral wrap the wire up to your thread and tie it off. Break the tag end off.
Frostbite Chironomid Pupa
Step 6 Tie in a couple strands of peacock where your thread is stopped.
Frostbite Chironomid Pupa
Step 7 Twist the peacock around your thread and wrap forward to the bead. It should only take about two wraps to get there. Once at the bead tie off the peacock, clip the butts, and whip finish.

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Frostbite Chironomid Pupa
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