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By Andy Burk

I have found my HBI to be as effective a pattern as any other that exist when immitating baetis, PMDs, and other non-descript mayflies. If you find yourself fishing in water, and more importantly moving water, chances are that you've got mayfly nymphs around your feet...tie up a dozen and give 'em a whirl. Step 1 Start by affixing the hook in the vise and winding on ten wraps of the .010 lead wire, in the thorax region of the fly. Apply a thin layer of Dave's Flexament to the lead wire and attach the tying thread, leaving the tag extra long as it will form the fly's rib. Step 2 Tie in a short and sparse tail of Wooduck fibers. Dub a thin body that tapers slightly from the base of the tail to the thorax area.

Step 3 Wrap the tag of Orange thread through the dubbing to form the ribbing of the body.

Step 4 Tie in a slip of Turkey tail feather in the manner of a traditional wing-case and dub a robust thorax.

Step 5 Tie on a few fibers of Woodduck or Imitation Woodduck on either side of the thorax to form the fly's legs.

Step 6 Pull the wing-case forward and trim off the excess and form a neat head. The Hunchback Infrequens is complete.

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Hunchback Infreqens
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