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By Bill Lowe

Tim Fox's "Poo-Pah" is a fantastic caddis pattern that has proven it's worth as both a dead-drifted bug and as a swinger. Tie em and fish'll love em!
Fox's Poo-Pah
Step 1 Attach the thread, color to match the ostrich herl head of the fly, behind the eye of the hook and wind it back to the hook's bend. Tie in a 4 to 5 inch strand of fine copper wire (match wire color to body color) hanging off the back of the hook. Tie in 4 to 5 pieces of pearl krystal flash, at the hook's bend, then wrap the thread back up to near the eye.
Fox's Poo-Pah
Step 2 Wrap the krystal flash tightly up the shank, covering the entire shank. Tie it off, at the eye, and cut the excess.
Fox's Poo-Pah
Step 3 Behind the eye, securely tie in a 3 to 4 inch piece of ultra chenille (charteuse, olive, tan, or whatever color you're seeing in your water). Leave the thread at the eye and secure the chenille by wrapping the wire over the chenille and shank, evenly spaced for a ribbing effect. Tie off the wire and cut the excess.
Fox's Poo-Pah
Step 4 Tie in a small clump of tips, from a hen hackle, on the underside of the fly (beard-style). Keep them short as they represent legs. On the top of the fly, tie in two individual strands from a woodduck feather, about the length of the shank. These represent the immature wings of the caddis.
Fox's Poo-Pah
Step 5 Tie in a strand of ostrich herl, brown for tan or brown body, black for the "greener" colors. Wrap the ostrich two or three times, to form the head. Whip finish. Cut the ultra chenille, to the total length of the hook's bend, and quickly sear the cut end with a lighter's flame. This will give a nice tapered look, verses blunt. Very wormy. Very fishy!

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Fox's Poo-Pah
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