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By Bill Lowe

I picked up the phone and the guy on the other end said, “I hear that the shad are in…what flies do I need?” That’s an easy one, I thought.

“Grab a dozen wet pinkies…and for backup, I’d grab a dozen wet pinkies.”

The wet pinky, as first shown to me by the Shad King of Sacramento, Dave Howard, has been my ONLY shad fly for the past six or so years. I don’t know exactly what it is about this pattern, but shad seem to love to put it in their mouths! Tie up a dozen and give ‘em a try.
Wet Pinky
Step 1 Attach the barbell eyes, figure “8” style, to the hook and add a drop of Zap-A-Gap to help ensure that the eyes don’t roll.
Wet Pinky
Step 2 Grab a fair clump of white marabou and measure it from just behind the eyes to about a ½-inch past the hook bend. Secure it to the shank, starting just behind the eyes, and wrap back to normal tail position.
Wet Pinky
Step 3 Tie in a strand of silver tinsel at the tail position and wrap the thread forward to the eyes. Tie in a piece of small white chenille and wrap the thread over the body until you can see no white from the chenille. This will make the fly “bleed” when it gets wet…part of the magic of this fly! (“We’ve got a bleeder!!!)
Wet Pinky
Step 4 Wrap the chenille forward, to just behind the eyes, and secure it in place.
Wet Pinky
Step 5 Rib the body with the silver tinsel, in evenly spaced wraps, and secure in place. Make a dozen more turns of thread, behind the eye, and then move the thread in front of the eyes. Build a head, whip finish, and apply head cement.

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Wet Pinky
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