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By Jason Akl

In Alaska one of the most widely used streamer patterns is the “Flash Fly”. This flashy pattern was originated around Kodiak Island’s Karluk River, but over the years has found itself used wherever the rivers run clear and trout and salmon hold. While salmon are the primary target of this seductive pattern, numerous other species of fish can be caught by the Flash Fly. Rainbows, browns and brookies are regularly duped by this pattern so finding a space in your fly box for a few Flash Flies is a must for any trout and salmon fly angler.

As the name implies this pattern is primarily composed of flash, with the body, tail and wing all being made out of brilliant metallic flashabou. The finishing touches of the fly is made from a dark saddle hackle to help accentuate and contrast the body of the fly. The original Flash Fly was tied in silver with a red collar, but over the years many different color combos have been seen to be very productive especially those that use darker purples and black. No matter what color combo you decide to use, the extreme flash and sultry swimming-like action of these materials in the water will be irresistible to fish.

Due to this fly’s special materials, fishing this pattern is done a little differently than the traditional streamer pattern. This fly needs to be stripped in very actively to impart the action of the slinky materials and give off the greatest amount of shine possible. It might seem that you are fishing the fly faster than you are used to and not giving the fish enough time to see and strike the fly, but when you come across an aggressive fish in a feeding mode there will be no way you can keep that Flash Fly from being hit and hit hard.
Flash Fly
Step 1 Start this fly by securing your hook into your vice and securely attaching your thread behind the hook eye.
Flash Fly
Step 2 Clip a small bunch of purple flashabou and tie it down to the hook shank (1/2 extending of the back of the hook and ½ extending off the front of the hook) and cover it with thread until you reach the point above the barb. Fold over the portion of flashbou that was extended over the hook eye, and cover that with thread so that now you have one thick bunch of flashabou for a tail.
Flash Fly
Step 3 With the thread at the front of the hook shank tie in a strip of purple flashabou and wrap it down and back up the hook shank creating a nice smooth shiny flashabou body.
Flash Fly
Step 4 For the wing of the fly, do the same procedure as you did with the tail for the fly, tying in a long piece of flashabou and folding it over itself to create a thick flash wing. The wing of the fly should extend just slightly past that of the tail flash fibers. After the wing is tied in place take a few extra wraps of thread onto the wing just to hold in place securely.
Flash Fly
Step 5 Select a thick bushy purple saddle hackle and tie it down to the hook shank by its stem. Wrap the hackle several times creating a bushy collar and then tie off and clip the excess hackle. Wrap back onto the hackle one or two times with the thread to create a swept look and then form a small neat head for the fly. Whip finish the thread and cement the head thoroughly.

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Flash Fly
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