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By Jason Akl

One of the most creative saltwater tiers to date, Enrico Puglisi, has generated many baitfish imitations that truly catch fish. Enrico’s patterns are a combination of sleek sultry synthetic materials and aerodynamic design. The Everglades special is one of Enrico’s patterns that is not a specific imitation of one food source for a target species, but rather a general baitfish clone to fool the many species that inhabit these waters.

The Everglades as a whole are a vast and rich diverse fishery. In a single outing, anglers can expect to have an opportunity to catch: bass in the freshwater, Snook in the backcountry, tarpon in the rivers, and redfish on the beaches, trout on the flats, as well as, permit and cobia on the nearby shore structure. With so many opportunities to catch fish it would seem almost impossible not to be successful on your next trip, but don’t be fooled, these weary predators don’t just take any fly slung out onto the water. Come prepared with a few different sizes of the Puglisi Everglades Special and a stiff shock tippet or two. As you head out for your trip you won’t be able to help being taken aback by the raw beauty of the Everglades, and the feeling that you are traveling through a place untouched by time. As good as the scenery is here, the fly fishing is even better. Keep a keen eye on the water and an irregular strip retrieve with the Everglade special and the action will be hot for hours on end.

Tie this fly in sizes 1-4.
Puglisi Everglades Special
Step 1 Start this fly by placing the hook into the vice and securing it tightly. Attach the thread behind the hook eye and wrap down the hook shank with thread until you reach the point above the barb. Clip a small bunch of white wool and tie it to the top of the hook shank extending off the back of the hook. Cut a second larger bunch of tan wool and tie it on top of the white wool.
Puglisi Everglades Special
Step 2 Invert the hook in your vice and tie in a ˝ inch strip of red wool just in front of the tail tie down point. Once tied in use your bodkin and tease out the fibers. Place the hook right side again in your vice and start repeated tying in small strips of tan wool. Completely cover all of the hook shank with wool until you reach the back of the hook eye, whip finish the thread and cement the head. Tease out all of the tan wool you just tied in and clip the head into a smooth cone shape tapering towards the hook eye.
Puglisi Everglades Special
Step 3 Epoxy one eye to each side of the head and draw a few black horizontal lines on the tail section about ˝ inch apart.

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Puglisi Everglades Special
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Tiemco TMC 811S Hooks
Danville Thread, Pre-waxed 6/0
Sculpin Wool, On The Hide
Puglisi Plastic Eyes
Wapsi Prisma Marker Pen
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