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By Dave Sloan

The Humpy is one of those great patterns that never goes away and works best when there seems to be no real rhyme or reason to put it on. It can be tied in a variety of sizes and colors, although the most popular color is yellow. The Humpy floats high and is visible on the water, yet many tiers shy away from tying it because the traditional way requires some very exact measurements to get the wings properly proportioned. Here is one approach to tying an easier Humpy.

Tie this fly in sizes 10-20.
Yellow Humpy
Step 1 Start the thread at the front of the hook and coat the first 1/3 of the hook with thread. Now cut, comb, and stack about twice the amount of hair you would normally use for a parachute. Tie the clump of Elk Hair in approximately a gap of the hook from the eye of the hook with the tips over the eye of the hook. The approximate length should be between 1 and 1 times the gap of the hook. Cut the butts off at an angle to avoid a sudden drop off.
Yellow Humpy
Step 2 Move the thread back to the bend of the hook and cut, comb, and stack a small clump of Moose Body Hair. This will form the tail and should be 1 times the gap of the hook and tied in at the bend of the hook. Tie the butts of the Moose Body Hair down so they extend up the taper of the trimmed butts of the Elk Hair from the wings.
Yellow Humpy
Step 3 Now fold the butts of the Moose Body Hair back towards the tail and tie them down to where the tail was tied in at. Advance the thread to a gap of the hook away from the tie in point of the wing.
Yellow Humpy
Step 4 Cut and tie in a strip of .5 mm Razor Foam that is approximately an 1/8 wide back to the bend of the hook.
Yellow Humpy
Step 5 Wrap the Razor Foam forward forming the body of the fly and tie it off where it was originally tied in at. Completely cover the thread work under it. You can make the body as thick or as thin as you would like, traditionally Humpies are tied fairly full.
Yellow Humpy
Step 6 Pull the moose butts forward over the top of the fly to form the back and tie them off where the thread is stopped. They should encompass the top 140-160 degrees of the fly. Clip the butts.
Yellow Humpy
Step 7 Move your thread in front of the wing by sweeping the wing back with your fingers. Make several wraps directly at the base of the wing. This will force the wing to stand upright
Yellow Humpy
Step 8 Now split the Elk Hair evenly on each side of the hook and make some X wraps with your thread to split the wings.
Yellow Humpy
Step 9 Wrap your thread around the base of each wing a few times to tighten it up and then move your thread back to where the moose was tied off at.
Yellow Humpy
Step 10 Tie in a brown and a grizzly saddle hackle to match the hook size where your thread is stopped.
Yellow Humpy Yellow Humpy
Step 11 Spiral wrap each hackle up to the eye of the hook, tie them off, and whip finish.

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Yellow Humpy
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