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By Jason Akl

Enrico Puglisi has created many great baitfish imitations His new floating crab pattern is no exception. The EP Floating Crab is unique in that it is able to stay off of the bottom and act as if it was alive and fleeing a predator. This floatability allows the fly to be fished weed-less over the top of the sand, coral and grass located on the ocean bottom. The simple materials used in this fly such as marabou, rubber legs and float foam make it ideal for fishing shallow flats and crystal clear waters. It is lightweight and easy to cast, allowing anglers to get flies close to active fish without spooking them.

To fish this fly simply cast towards your target and let it settle down in the water column. Once the fly has sunk down a bit to the level where the fish can get a good look at it, strip the fly back in an irregular fashion. If you reach a point where there is just sand beneath the fly a good idea is to allow it to drop to the bottom and rest for a minute. Picking the fly off of the bottom with a quick strip of line will produce a puff of sediment exciting everything in the near vicinity.

Tie this fly in sizes 4 & 6.
Puligis Floating Crab
Step 1 Start this fly by placing the hook into the vice upside down and tighten it into place securely. Attach the thread behind the hook eye and tie in several pearlescent Flashabou fibers extending over the hook eye. On top of this Flashabou tie in two molded eyes also extending over the hook shank and make sure you use figure eight thread wraps to hold these eyes in place tightly.
Puligis Floating Crab
Step 2 Onto the bottom of the hook shank tie in a small clump of tan marabou that extends to the end of the eyes. Onto the top of the hook shank tie in a second bunch of marabou extending just short of the ends of the eyes. Cut two 4 inch sections of Antron and knot each strand twice. Tie these two strands of Antron onto the sides of the eyes extending over the hook eye. Whip finish and cement the thread.
Puligis Floating Crab
Step 3 Cut two oval shaped discs from some brown float foam, and cut the sides of the oval discs so that they form sharp points. Onto the bottom section of foam epoxy all of the knotted legs in the position that looks most life-like to you. Once this epoxy has dried add a few more drops and place the hook on the foam disc. Place the second foam disc on top and hold it down for a minute or so until the epoxy has dried and the foam body has stuck together. Allow the body to further dry for a few hours them color a few black spots on the top of the shell.

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Puligis Floating Crab
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