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By Jason Akl

The name of this fly might make fly anglers weary of carrying a few of these critters in their fly boxes, but donít be misguided just because they are ugly. Ugly flies catch fish. The ugly description for this fly probably is due to its simple look and abundance of gangly legs. In all honesty the combination of fuzzy chenille and sultry moveable legs is a fish attracting magnetic. Big trout, bass and panfish canít resist these materials in the water, especially if you put a few strips of line into your retrieval to get those legs dancing.

To fish this fly all you really need to do is get the fly down deep, and working it slowly along the bottom. The normal up and across technique is used with this type of fly to get the flies where you want them, while appropriate line mending will keep the fly drifting downstream as naturally as possible. Strikes from fish will be ferocious.

If you do not receive any action while dead drifting this fly try switching to a streamer type retrieve. For this second type of retrieve cast the fly to a position above the target and allow the fly to sink to the required depth before reaching the fish. On the first pass allow the ugly bug to drift downstream naturally and swing at the end of the drift to a position directly below the angler. This dead drifting tumbling motion resembles a dead or wounded minnow being swept downstream with the current while the swing motion at the end of the cast simulates the wounded minnow trying to flee danger. On the second pass actively strip the fly against the current to try and get lackadaisical fish to react.

Tie this fly in sizes 8-12.
Ugly Bug
Step 1 Start this fly by placing the hook into the vice and tightening it into place securely. Attach a three inch section of lead weight to the hook shank and wrap it around the hook shank. Attach the thread behind the hook eye and cover the lead free weight with a few thread wrap to hold things in place. For the tail of this fly tie in a piece of round rubber doubled over on itself. Make sure the rubber is tied down to the hook sank securely so that it cannot be pulled free easily.
Ugly Bug
Step 2 Attach a five inch section of black chenille at the rear of the fly and then wrap this chenille forward up to the ĺ mark on the hook shank. At this point tie in a two inch section of round rubber using figure eight thread wraps. After the leg is secured in place take four more turns of chenille around the hook and tie in another strip of rubber legs. Repeat this process one more time and then wrap the chenille up the hook shank until you reach the back of the hook eye.
Ugly Bug
Step 3 At this point tie in one last piece of round rubber legs extending over the hook eye. Whip finish the thread and cement the head. Clip all the legs so that they are approximately the same size.

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Ugly Bug
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