The Angle Trout Dry

X Caddis
X Caddis By Dave Sloan
The X Caddis was developed by Craig Matthews and represents an emerging or crippled caddis. Caddis emerge quite quickly once they reach the surface, often too quickly for trout to have a chance to eat them.(more)

Sloan's Caddis Paralyzer
Sloan's Caddis Paralyzer By Dave Sloan
I created this caddis pattern so it would, when floating on the water, look more realistic than most caddis patterns we are used to seeing.(more)

Yellow Stimulator
Yellow Stimulator By Dave Sloan
Randall Kaufmann's Stimulator has undoubtedly caught as many trout as the Elk Hair Caddis, Parachute Adams, and the Humpy.(more)

Sparkle Dun Baetis
Sparkle Dun Baetis By Dave Sloan
The Sparkle Dun is one of my favorite small dry fly patterns when faced with glassy, clear water, and finicky fish.(more)

Flying Ant
Flying Ant By Jason Akl
What makes one ant pattern better than another? If you think about it, most of the ants that actually get knocked into the stream are flying ants, that is, they have wings.(more)
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