The Angle Steelhead and Salmon

Pettis Unreal Egg
Pettis Unreal Egg By Dave Sloan
The Pettis Unreal Egg is one of the best egg patterns to come out in years. Its translucent appearance mimics that of a natural egg extremely well and it is an easy fly to tie.(more)

Techno-Wog By Jason Akl
Catching steelhead and salmon on dry flies is the ultimate fishing experience. It is thrilling to see a large fish’s wake coming towards your fly like a torpedo and then opening its large mouth and devouring your fly.(more)

Starlight Leech
Starlight Leech By Jason Akl
There are numerous "wormy" looking creatures that live in our favorite aquatic environments.(more)

Green Butt Skunk
Green Butt Skunk By Jason Akl

The Green Butt Skunk is one of the most popular steelhead patterns ever created. Originated by Dan Callahan on the North Umpqua River the “Skunk” has fooled fish in all temperatures, conditions and different types of rivers that exist.(more)

Egg Sucking Leech
Egg Sucking Leech By Jason Akl
As good as the Woolly Bugger has been to fly anglers over the last few decades, the Egg Sucking Leech might just be better.(more)
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